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Martin Mezza, MBA, MST, AAMS

Martin Mezza, MBA, MST, AAMS

Martin Mezza begin his career in 1991 after graduating from Quinnipiac University. He worked in New York for both Institutional and Retail Investment Firms which have since been purchased by very large institutions. He also sold insurance and provided tax preparation services. Martin holds two graduate degrees and is very well rounded in Wealth Management. Besides a BS in Financial Management, Martin has an MBA and MS in taxation. He obtained the AAMS (Accredited Asset Management Specialist) designation through the College of Financial Planning while at AG Edwards in Greenwich. He is an alumnus of Quinnipiac University and New Haven University. Martin is a RIA-Registered Investment Advisor.

Working at Financial Strategies has allowed him them freedom to provide Fiduciary services with no conflicts of interest. Each and every client is different and how they invest is special. Almost all investment accounts are invested in trust for added security from creditors and solvency risk of investment institution. Time in the market taking calculated risk has been the proven way to make money over the long term. Martin has seen many market cycles including the 1987 crash and has the experience and confidence to advise clients to reach their goals.

He lives in Trumbull Connecticut with his Wife Tina, his Son Michael, and rescue dog Ariel. Martin grew up in New Haven County and enjoys fishing, shooting sports, muscle cars, motorcycling and spending quality time with his family. Martin is the proud Son of Immigrants and has been blessed by being prepared to take advantage of opportunities offered him in academia and work. As a goal-setter and achiever, Martin has helped many individuals, families, trusts, and corporation reach their short, medium, and long-term goals through what is known in the business as the Investment Doctrine, or more simple put the written goal of the account.

Not a Goal: To make a lot of money in the Stock Market

Goal: Achieve 6% annual returns using a blended portfolio of Growth Stocks and dividend stocks from US Companies with 40% of the portfolio invested in US Treasuries maturing in less than 5 years.